About In The Loupe

We know there is no shortage of blogging, self-promotion and general info about the photography world out there, but we feel that there is still something missing from the online conversation: Us. Together.

With a combined 75 years of experience in our industry, observing, consulting, teaching, editing, critiquing, opining, and mostly, talking, talking and more talking about photography we thought you would like to… watch. So, we made In The Loupe.

We won’t always agree, we can’t promise that the show will always be SFW, and you might get pissed off at us from time to time. But we do know what we’re talking about, and we love photography. In The Loupe will have photographer profiles, work we like, work we don’t like, industry event coverage, and reports from the road. There will be interviews with industry legends, and people whose names aren’t big… yet. And we might just vent for a while.

Follow us on Tumblr. Email us intheloupetv [at] gmail.com


3 Responses to About In The Loupe

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  2. So glad to see this addition, Julie. Best of luck. I look forward to following the site.

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