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Projects WE Love: Aging-Out of Foster Care

THIS is a campaign that is so worth funding, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t contribute. The amazing people at Salaam Garage want your help. ” Growing up is hard for everyone. But for a child raised in foster care … Continue reading

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Projects WE Love: Dogs in Cars

We love this project by Brit photographer Martin Usborne and the honest account of how it came about. It’s already had press coverage and accolades from the likes of David Alan Harvey; everybody (except one of the authors of this … Continue reading

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Projects WE Love: Documenting ABC No Rio

Jade Doskow shares an affinity for ABC No Rio along with surely many New Yorkers. In its final hours, this project documenting its demolition needs a boost. “ABC No Rio is a collectively-run arts center located on New York’s Lower … Continue reading

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