Projects WE Love: ADIL


©André Liohn/Prospekt

After Dawn In Libya (ADILis an idea conceived of by photographer Andre Liohn, with fellow photographers Lynsey Addario, Eric Bouvet, Bryan Denton, Christopher Morris, Jehad Nga, Finbarr O”Reilly and Paolo Pellegrin.

This project has 11 more days to be funded, so we hope to help make this happen.  The idea of bringing photography to the people of Libya, one year after the beginning of the conflict is something we totally support, and hope you will too.

ADIL is an Arabic name derived from the Arabic word “Adl” which means “fairness” and “justice”

An original idea by André Liohn with: Lynsey Addario, Eric Bouvet, Bryan Denton, Christopher Morris, Jehad Nga, Finbarr O”Reilly and Paolo Pellegrin.

The ADIL project”s purpose is to contribute to the Reconciliation process for Libyan People facing the aftermath of the civil war. The core concept of the project is to use Visual Communication as a Bridge for Reconciliation.

International photographers who lived the conflict “on the ground” offer independent visual documentation of the war and are partnering with local organizations to bring four exhibitions to four Libyan cities – Benghazi, Misratah, Tripoli and Zintan – scheduled for the spring 2012, one year after the eruption of the conflict against the Ghaddafi regime.

The aim is to put these exhibitions at the service of dialogue, we do not want to impose a reality, we are knocking at doors wishing to be welcome. During the period of the exhibitions some of the photographers will come to Libya to participate in events linked to ADIL, such as workshops with local photographers and journalists, and panel debates with local activists organizations. These events will be organized by our local partners, among them: The Tripoli Post, the Art Gallery Art House of Tripoli, the artist Mohammad Bin Lamin, the Libyan lawyer and activist Rima Bugaighis.

It is our aim to create a neutral arena were different people, with different opinions, expectations and experiences of the war, will be invited to see and react to how independent eyes saw their reality.

You can read and see more about ADIL here

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