Projects WE Love: Detroit Portraits

Brian Kelly started working on this personal project, “Detroit Portraits” in order to counteract a lot of the negative press the city has been getting.  Now he’s put up a request on Kickstarter to finish it.

We are particularly enamored of projects that find meaning close to home and give voice to people who don’t have a way to speak out to the larger world.  The people in Brian‘s portraits stare right at us and tell us they matter, even when it seems we’re being told they don’t.

As Brian says:

“If you’ve noticed the onslaught of national media attention and the photographs posted to many tumblr sites and photo blogs…you might believe Detroit is already dead and decayed into ruins…there’s no hope for this city…Detroit’s too screwed up.

But I know differently…Detroit is not dead…I know this because I’ve been documenting Detroit’s future…I’ve been photographing Detroit’s people.

The future of Detroit rests with its entrepreneurs, artists, dreamers, musicians, innovators, recovering addicts, urban farmers, clergy, children and educators.”

Please consider helping to finish this project by contributing here
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One Response to Projects WE Love: Detroit Portraits

  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Thank you, Stella and Julie! What an honor it is to be included on here!

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