Projects WE Love: Robert Herman

The New Yorkers is a color photography book of Robert Herman’s New York City street pictures.

“To complete The New Yorkers, I have to raise the funds necessary to make drum scans from the Kodachrome originals, hire a writer, a graphic designer and print a first edition of 1000 copies. It will be approximately a 140 page 8″ x 10″  hardcover book with 100+ color images. There has been serious interest from a number of well-regarded publishing houses but the reality of the industry today is that much more than just a great concept and images are required in order for them to publish and distribute the book.”

“Few photographers have the eye, the grace and the ability to really see, in order to make great street images. Robert Herman has all those qualities, along with a driving passion to more fully realize his own aesthetic. I felt I was looking at a soulful, dead-on look at the city I was born in. His project is so fully realized, so sophisticated and compelling.” Stella Kramer

You can back Robert’s project on Kickstarter.

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