More About Hurricane Story

I thought I would continue the discussion of “Hurricane Story” by Jennifer Shaw, and talk about photo books in general.  One of the things I like the most about this book is how much care and thought was put into the size and look of the book.  It is a small jewel, and everything works to further the quality of the book.

I wonder how many photographers are giving this much thought to the size, cover, paper weight and feel of their dream book.  Too often it seems those are the last considerations, when I think it is part of the process of imaging a photo book.  Materials used are just as important as the material to be shown.

Hurricane Story” has a textured cover, which gives it a personal touch. There is an intimacy created by running your hands over the cover before you open the book to reveal the story. That kind of attention to detail makes the entire package so much more attractive.  There is nothing that takes away from the photos.  In fact, all the elements work towards enhancing the photos and the experience of looking at them.

And the website for the book shows just as much care.  It’s beautifully designed and adds to the entire package.  Have you also thought about this aspect of publishing your book?  The website should be worked on in tandem with imagining the book. One serves the other and allows you a way of promoting and selling your book.

This is just some of the things photographers should consider when imaging their own photo books.

You can see more here

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