Monkeys’ Rights

Should monkeys own their own photos?  Stella and Julie talk about the recent case of the macaque who stole a camera and took its own portrait.  Is this breaking new copyright ground?

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One Response to Monkeys’ Rights

  1. A very funny story no doubt, but, despite being an animal lover I just can’t imagine the monkey would care or be offended if the photographer makes some money selling its images.
    After all it happened because of the photographer encountering a rather curious primate and what a lucky break.
    The animal wasn’t harmed (as far as I know) and spending time fighting for the animal’s right to the images feels “over doing it” there are more pressing matters at hand, don’t you think?
    If anything I would consider if the animal belongs to a zoo or a park rather than being “wild” in which case money should be shared with the facility responsible for this monkey.
    But what a fun story, thanks:-)

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