What Are You Thinking About?

As much as the three of us have no problems coming up with things to talk about, we want to know what interests you. Do you have a project you’d like to show? Have you seen some great work you’d like to tell people about? Or maybe you want to pitch a Kickstarter or Emphas.is project. Let us know: if we like it, we’ll put you on camera.

If you want to get involved with In The Loupe, let us know that as well. We want this to be a destination for great information and great talk. And to that end we want to involve everyone in the discussion. When you’ve seen or heard something on In The Loupe that you love, or hate, send us your comments! Don’t worry, we can take it.

In The Loupe plans on being THE place for photography talk, worldwide.

Should you want to sponsor or advertise with us, drop us a line intheloupetv [at] gmail.com

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One Response to What Are You Thinking About?

  1. Great kick off show of John Botte’s stunning images. I am looking forward to future items~ thanks

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