Credit where credit is due

For all their assistance so far, we’d like to thank Andrea Fischman and Brett Beyer for shooting the trailer and several features for us. Thanks to Hans and Chrissie and everyone at WIN-Initiative for letting us shoot in their space and to Doug Menuez and his team for giving us their space for subsequent episodes. Ashok Sinha and Jason Gardner have also shot for us. These features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Thanks to Brian Winkowski for his editing skills.

If you’d like to volunteer your skills we’re looking for people to shoot video, both studio and roaming, hair and make up, and directors. Email us at intheloupetv [at]

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2 Responses to Credit where credit is due

  1. Owen Murphy says:

    Nice interview, Stella. Interesting hearing a police detective talk about his mindset when he was making the photos, similar I would think to the way a conflict/war photographer works. I look forward to more of what intheloupetv will be presenting, great concept.

  2. Great start, a really interesting interview Stella.
    I look forward to more! and possibly participating as well.

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